Guess the theme of the lesson!
Undoubtedly a book is an essential part of people's lives.The earliest books were written on tablets of wood or clay as well as on pieces of bark, papyrus and skins of young animals.The first books which can be called literature were made in Egypt around 2000 B.C. They were stories of great adventures over the seas, tales of the gods and books on science and Mathematic.
Though paper has been known in China since the first century, the secret of papermaking came to Europe much later. Books were quite common in ancient Rome, however only the rich could buy books or make their slaves copy books from libraries. By the time of the Middle Ages all books were handwritten and often beautifully decorated. But very few people could read them.
The invention of printing was a really significant event. The first people to invent printing were the Chinese. In Europe the best-known inventor of printing is Johann Gutenberg from Germany.
Printing went quickly over Europe and by the end of the 15th century there were more than 200 presses. The first printing press in Russia was set up by Ivan Fedorov in Moscow in 1564.
Eventually there were more and more people in Europe who could read and they wanted more and more books. That led to opening more libraries. The 19th century saw the appearance of a proper system of public libraries.
Nowadays most countries posses their own national libraries. Many old university libraries have rich collection of books, for example, Oxford and Cambridge in England, Harvard and Yale in the USA. Among the greatest libraries in the world we can name the British Museum Library in London, the Library of Congress in the USA and the State Public Library in Moscow/ All of them can boast of having really unique collections of rare editions.
Every family nowadays has got its own library full of different books. As tastes differ, there are various genres of books. Some people are keen on historical and war novels, while others prefer adventure stories. Very many readers are crazy for a good detective a horror story. Parents should encourage children and start forming their reading habits as early as possible. It's a good idea to begin with folktales and fairy-tales. Teenagers enjoy fantasy and science fiction. When a person is gloomy and miserable, a witty humorous story can make his spirits bright. Some people favour modern authors, others are in the habit of reading classical writers, but one thing is known for sure: different kinds of books should be read differently. An English author once wrote: "Some books are to be tasted others to be swallowed or digested."
In my view the choice of books depends on a person's character. While energetic, enterprising and adventurous people devour detectives, tender and sensitive readers fall under the spell of love stories. As for editions, children tend to choose colourful books, as books without bright pictures seem boring to them. People, who read in public transport, prefer paperbacks or pocket editions. No matter how expensive and attractive the book cover is, the main thing about books is definitely their contents.
As for me, I (can't say) I'm a true book lover. My favourite writer is.... It's always a great pleasure to read his (her).... they are